Maptionnaire helps you ask 'where'.

Map based questionnaires bring together resident insight and planning expertise. It is an essential ingredient of modern community development that offers local knowledge in readily analyzable form.

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Find Local Knowledge

Experiential knowledge of local people is highly valuable, and our tools enable exploiting it to the full: Where are the most cherished places? Where is a connection needed? Which areas need renovation the most? Where do people feel unsafe?

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Lubricate Interaction

When inhabitants are involved in the planning process early enough, opposition is mitigated and interaction smoothened. We help you reduce costly legal complaints by allowing all parties contribute their insights and feedback at an appropriate time.

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Use Pioneering Technology

We have been conducting geographical questionnaires online since 2004 and our technology has been widely tested on end users. Questionnaires are tailored to suit the individual needs of customers, and plans and other data may be overlaid on the base map of your choice.